Poll: Union Square Housing Fight Continues

The Somerville Community Corporation and Union Square Rising continue to be at odds over the SCC’s proposed 40-unit affordable housing project, and a June 6 meeting held by SCC apparently only added to the discord.

Patch reported a Union Square Rising protesters were called “racist pigs” as they picketed before the meeting.

With no formal development proposal submitted to City Hall yet, we’re wondering what your thoughts are on the most recent turn the debate has taken.  Take our poll, and feel free to give your thoughts in the comment section.

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One Response to “Poll: Union Square Housing Fight Continues”

  1. Kim says:

    SCC is the most aggressive, demonizing bunch of individuals I have ever had a chance to interact with in my life! They do not represent the community of union square, even though they attempt to present themselves as such… The more this battle continues, the more they expose themselves as the Corporation they have evolved into, GREEDY DEVELOPERS, who will divide a neighborhood at any cost to ensure they PROFIT!

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