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Who are you rooting for?

Tell us in the comments.


Team Rosters:


Ball/Magoun/Winter Hill

Blake Evitt, 25 year resident, "Somerville born and raised. Runner, now Parkour"

Molly Froelich, 24 year resident, "Dyed-in-the-wool Somerville person! Fun person, good humor, energetic! Playful"

Hugh McGowan, 16 year resident, "Fit and sporty, game for anything, crafty and an excellent team player!"



City Hall

Joe Curtatone, 45 year resident, Mayor

Omar Boukili, 2.5 year resident, Ed. Note: This is how Omar sees himself.

Skye Stewart, 1.5 year resident, "I am left-handed. I have read The Hunger Games. I exude awesomeness."




Noa Daskal, 1 year resident

Sean Fitzgerald, 8 year resident, "Fierce competitor, strong athletic prowess, all-around trivia aficionado"

Fred George, 3 year resident, "Resourceful and full of random trivia. Physical abilities will contribute to team's success"



East Somerville

Renee Polcaro, "I'm Awesome"

Frankie Tejada, "I've lived here my whole life. I participated in two Olympic boxing qualifiers."

Mark Kennedy, "Former elite gymnast, and current elite ninja. Look for me on a Wheaties box soon."




Babisa Adumbire, 3 year resident, "I am a hunter. I seek out my target with cunning & wit. Let's do this!"

Irina Gumennik, 4 year resident, "I am a transplant but I love this area! It has become home and I feel proud to be part of the community & want to learn more."

Mailin Li, "I'm a Biology/English double major on a varsity fencing team. I'm planning to run the Boston Marathon in 2012, like to watch The Food Network & Modern Marvels. Also, I'm a superhero."




Isaac Machado, 30+ year resident, "Looks, intellect, knowledge of Somerville."

Katie Milton, 11 year resident,

Pronita Saxena, 2 month resident, "Up to do anything (almost) and laugh the whole time. Would love to add to my crazy international travel adventures…and I'm female!"


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VIDEO: King of the ‘Ville Highlights

All the best moments from our King of the ‘Ville competition. Footage from SCATV, with editing by Shawn Musgrave.



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Originally posted on...November 3rd, 2012
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Scout’s Own Holli Banks Recaps King of the ‘Ville on ‘Greater Somerville’

Scout publisher and owner, Holli Banks, joined “Greater Somerville” host, Joe Lynch, to discuss the King of the ‘Ville results, the release of the KOTV video, and what readers can look forward to in the upcoming holiday edition of the Scout.

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Originally posted on...October 13th, 2012

King of the ‘Ville Official Results

Here are the official standings of the first King of the ‘Ville competition. More photos, video and post-race analysis will follow soon.

First place: City Hall

Second place: Ball/Magoun/Winter Hill

Third place: East Somerville

Fourth place: Union

Fifth place: Davis/Porter/Teele

Sixth place: Tufts

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Originally posted on...September 26th, 2012

King of the ‘Ville Finish Line Celebration

Join us at Mike’s Food & Spirits in Davis Square for all our race-end fun.The teams are making their way through the waypoints and by all reports are sweaty and confused. Come support them.



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Originally posted on...September 22nd, 2012

Meet the Contestants

Our King of the ‘Ville competition is coming up Saturday, Sept. 22. We’ve just put up some information about the folks who will be competing. Root for your favorites! Vote on who will wear a POV helmet cam during the race!
Check back here for more updates throughout the week.

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Originally posted on...September 15th, 2012