Mayor Introduces ‘Somerville Sweeper’ Alert Service

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The City will begin its regular street sweeping schedule today and continue through December.

Somerville parking enforcement officers don’t miss a trick, so the $50 fines for non-compliance are a budget staple for many. But Mayor Joseph Curtatone has announced a new tool to help you level the playing field.

An automatic alert service dubbed “Somerville Sweeper” will let residents know by email  when they need to get out of the way. While there have been other such notification systems in the area, this one was developed by the City’s IT Department “after some residents complained that the long-established Boston Sweeper service was not sufficiently accurate,” according to a press release.

“Ultimately, residents are responsible for following the rules as posted on their streets,” Curtatone stated in the release. ”But Somerville Sweeper should be a helpful reminder. Residents may sign up by visiting this site, or by calling 311.

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