Poll: Street Sweeping Tickets

With the return of street sweeping season, and the announcement of the City of Somerville’s new street sweeping alert service, we’re wondering how many tickets you’re counting on this year.

Take our poll below to give your estimate. Feel free to expand on your prediction in the comments, or comment on how useful you’ve found the alert service to be so far.

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3 Responses to “Poll: Street Sweeping Tickets”

  1. Holli Banks says:

    Certainly, weekly alerts help but I was particularly happy to receive the reminder under my windshield wiper last week.

  2. Julie says:

    If only the alert system was working properly. It doesn’t even recognize my street name.

  3. Agree! I saw cars flagged with them well in advance, but not so long that people forget. Well done, Somerville.

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