Spaces: Koslow and Vogel

Photo by Kelly MacDonald

Courtney Koslow and Maura Vogel
9A Clyde St (Magoun Square)

Koslow and Vogel bought their condo near Magoun Square five years ago after it had been gut renovated. The layout is fairly narrow but a combination of crafty furniture placement and lighting makes it cozy. With the help of Closet Solutions (46 White St), they had a custom-built cabinet and shelving unit put in a corner of the living room, yielding extra storage space without detracting from the room.
Their favorite room is the long, wide upstairs hallway, whose skylights provide a sense of openness, transforming what could have been a claustrophobic walkway. If some of the art or pieces in the picture look familiar, it’s because Koslow and Vogel are very supportive of local artisans and commerce – much of the art and furniture in their casa was either made or refurbished in Somerville. That’s a cause you know we’ll always support.

Photo by Kelly MacDonald

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