Somerville’s Sweetest Spaces

by Shannon Cain Arnold

Wintertime, and the living’s not so easy. The shift to indoor life during these freezing months is no picnic. Ever wish you had more space in your home or apartment? We bet you have. After all, Somerville has the highest population density in New England. This place is packed. Which means you probably want or need more room for yourself and your stuff. Especially now that it’s winter.

You might live on the third floor of a triple-decker, a big remodeled Victorian, a 600-square-foot studio or a converted warehouse. They may have charm, but these spaces aren’t always suited to 21st-century lifestyles. Chances are, you wish you could change something about your quarters, whether it’s adding an extra room, gaining storage capacity or doing something about that paint job from 1972.

And you can! Somerville residents are getting creative – working independently or with designers and architects – to make their abodes work for them and reflect their personalities. The results make for some of the sweetest living spaces in Somerville. Have a look, on us.

Courtney Koslow & Maura Vogel

Stephanie Chrusz

Polly Pook

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