PHOTOS: City Works to Recover From Sandy

From the City of Somerville:

“We anticipated an intense and slow-moving storm packing high wind, and Hurricane Sandy definitely delivered,” said Mayor Joseph Curtatone.  “I want to thank the City crews from every department who have worked around the clock since late last week, both to prepare our city for the storm, and to deal with issues in real time throughout the day on Monday.  And I want to thank residents for being our eyes on the streets and in the neighborhoods.  Your vigilance, particularly those who assisted us by calling into 311 and posting to our various social media feeds, greatly supported our efforts in ensuring swift and safe cleanup.

“Over the next several days these crews will continue to work to get all buildings back to full operations, and to ensure roadways are clear and power lines made safe.  In addition, once we’ve fully assessed the damage and the steps we need to take to recover fully, we will be seeking assistance funds as is consistent with damage created in a State of Emergency.”

A large tree on the Somerville High School concourse fell, blocking pedestrian access for a portion of Monday Tuesday morning.

A large section of the roof atop Somerville High School suffered significant damage, affecting the auditorium, which will be closed until further notice.

Fire Department and DPW crews had to contend with numerous uprooted trees, which adversely affected homes, cars, and power lines in several areas.

An uprooted tree and split utility pole created a potentially dangerous situation on Browning Road. More than 10 homes were evacuated, and residents sheltered at Holiday Inn until Tuesday morning.

Another downed tree.

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2 Responses to “PHOTOS: City Works to Recover From Sandy”

  1. Holli says:

    Wow. I sure was lucky here on Highland Ave.

  2. SHS Student says:

    Look at this document from 2011:

    It says: “Photo 39 ‐ West wing roof. Due to high winds and uplift forces, some areas of the EPDM membrane
    are experiencing adhesive failure, separating from the insulation. Many small voids were noted below
    the membrane. Some areas of plywood are pulling off the back of the parapets.”

    The city had a whole year to fix this problem, but they did not. School building is very nice and it makes me sad that the city does not want to spend more money on fixing it.

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