Pi Day Brings Fierce Competition to Somerville

Petsi Pies hosted its largest Pi Day event yet Wednesday, with hundreds lining up down Beacon Street to recite as much of pi as they could.

Plenty of folks could be seen walking away scarfing down “cutie pies” which were available in cherry, blueberry and pecan and given to each person who successfully stated the first 10 digits of pi — 3.141592653.

Davis Square resident Kevin Harmon correctly recited 100 digits of pi which awarded him one large pie per season and a Petsi Pies pie server.

Kate Ellison, 8, said that she has been training for “three and a half years,” starting off with 30 digits in her first year. On Wednesday Kate recited 60 digits — 10 more than in 2011. She and her father, Glen, who handled 100 digits, came to Somerville from Newton to get in on the action.

Sheila Lee of Davis Square practiced nightly with her roommate, Nate Hardison, and sister, Sasha, who is visiting from San Francisco, to be one of a handful of participants who recalled 300 digits of pi for Petsi’s grand prize, which included the aforementioned prizes and a Tupelo gift card.

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