City Unveils Comprehensive Plan

The Curtatone administration submitted a draft of a comprehensive plan at this week’s Board of Alermen meeting.

Known as “Somervision” the plan is the result of three years of meetings and is “aimed at long-range, aspirational planning based on community-generated values and vision.”

According to a press release, that vision includes:

30,000 new jobs “as part of a responsible plan to create opportunity for all Somerville workers and entrepreneurs;”

• 125 new acres of publicly-accessible open space “as part of a realistic plan to provide high-quality and well-programmed community spaces;”

• 6,000 new housing units, 1,200 of which will be permanently designated as affordable housing “as part of a sensitive plan to attract and retain Somerville’s best asset: it’s people”

• 50 percent of new trips via transit, bike or walking “as part of an equitable plan for access and circulation to and through the city;”

• 85 percent of new development in transformative areas such as Assembly Square, Inner-Belt, Brickbottom and Boynton Yards “as part of a predictable land use plan that protects neighborhood character”

Read the whole plan and watch a video about it here.


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