The Scout Guide To Summer Biking in Somerville

The Scout Guide To Summer Biking in Somerville

Summer’s Here, And The Time Is Right… For Biking In The Streets!

By Jason Rabin
Map & Layout: Althea Chen
Illustrator: Mitra Farmand

As soon as the sunny season hits Somerville, it’s time to get reacquainted with our two-wheeled friends . It’s time to ride. To help you decide where, we’ve mapped out the best routes and their environs for time with the kids; day trips; shorter excursions; city tours; exercise; and just plain getting out of town. Not that you should stop biking when summer ends. In the fall, Shape Up Somerville – in a partnership with a Portland, Ore.-based business called Alta Bicycle Share – will manage a bike-sharing program. According to SUS Coordinator Nicole Rioles, there will be several (but not more than 10) bike-sharing stations with at least 15 bikes apiece. For a $60 annual fee, residents will be able to reserve a bike online and unlock it with an electronic keycard. The rates will be $12 for three days; $5 for 24 hours; and no cost for 30 minutes or fewer. Revenues will be split between the city and Alta Bicycle Share. At press time, SUS was not sure about whether it was a 60-40 or 50-50 split.

Close To Home

1. Somerville Community Path 1.2 mi. The entry point for points west of town.
2. Somerville Bicycle Companies Bike Tour 6.3 mi. Comparison shop among bike stores; stop at Redbones.
3. Lost Theaters Of Somerville 8 mi. See beautiful old theaters in and out of use.
4. Somerville’s Historic Houses Of Worship 9 mi. 22 churches and synagogues; a wide range of denominations.
5. Mystic River Reserve 5.2 miles. A gem hidden in a snarl of highways.

Out Of Town

6. Science Park 3.4 mi. Have a mountain bike? Explore rugged gravel roads behind park.
7. Middlesex Fells 3.0 miles. Ends in nature preserve. Trails for hiking/mountain biking.
8. Pearl St To Charles River Bike Path 3.4 mi.
9. Castle Island Park 8.3 mi. A great spot for a picnic.
10. Walden Pond 18.9 mi. Mix of hilly road riding and relaxed trail riding through parks and preserves.
11. Mike’s Scenic Fitness Loop 36.9 mi Some trail and road riding, lots of interesting stops.

Please Note:

The Caution Symbol indicates a highway crossing. There is heavy traffic at these intersections. These routes are suggestions based largely on interviews with Somerville cyclists. We are also using some satellite software to map out the routes. Please bear in mind that successful biking involves knowing your own comfort zones. If any of these routes seem too difficult or too dangerous, please use your judgment and choose a different route. Somerville is a densely populated, high-traffic city. When you’re riding, please be aware of those with whom you share the road. Make sure that drivers can see you and predict your movements well enough to avoid you.



Rob Hill, Brian Postlewaite, Michael Sheahan, Ace Wheelworks, Arc-En-Ciel Bicycle Studio, Park Sales Bike Shop, Paramount Bicycle and Independent Fabrication.


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