STARLAB FEST 2011! 8/6/11, Union Square

The good folks at Starlab (32 Prospect St) have organized perhaps the very best live acts from Somerville and beyond for their third whenever-they-feel-like rockin’ BBQ and festival.  It’s all happening outside of a junk metal shop and radiator graveyard in Somerville’s most underrated square, Union. It is of paramount importance that you go and see what this town is up to in the music vein, and I honestly can’t think of a better start than this.

design M. Price, Starlab

The concert features the brightest contributors from the extended Starlab family, including two teenage-rock n’ roll fantasy metal acts, Ramming Speed and Ohio’s Locusta, the only non-local.  Other acts include:

Movers & Shakers Sweat and Blood Americana from your hosts with the most.  Thank them and dance.

Girlfriends Plywood stage shaking verbosity with the straight beat from before you were born.

Fedavees Ask your older brother how many bands these dudes have given to their community, because he was probably at a party where Johnny Allen played every instrument.

Spirit Kid The pop of your dreams.  Singing along to this act will be like listening to all of your favorite records at a party with old friends and plenty of babes.

Trabants Heroes of New England Surf.  Sometimes they have two bassists and a go-go hula hoop girl.  Always they drench the joint in sweet reverb.

Sleepy Very Sleepy Starlab originals with the sound that moves in you when you are young.  Even if you are not.

Earthquake Party! That exclamation point is no accident.  These dudes are young and wiry and their music portrays that.  Outstanding party rockers all with some cool hair cuts that YOU (read: I)  could never pull off!

Locusta THIS IS OHIO METAL.  Know what you are getting into.  Bring hair.

Ramming Speed Sound like the heavy-metal version of early Metallica.  I said it.  Bring your chest and a sharpie, because they are going to autograph you.

Besides carrying a party attitude and an appetite, please remember that Starlab relies on your donations.  If you want this kind of thing to occur right in your own backyard, and you will after Saturday, be cool with a five or ten dollar bill.  Free barbecue for all and ‘gansetts for the over 21 crowd?  I haven’t seen this kind of open party and concert combo since I lived in the middle of North Texas.  Somerville needs Starlab.  COME ON DOWN!

Remember, folks: you read it in The Scout!

Photo: Starlab

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    When and where is this wonderful sounding event??

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