Winter 2011 Contest Winner

Kathy Moss’s winning entry was randomly drawn from the 62 correct answers we received.

Winter 2011 Contest Winner is Kathy Moss

Kathy knew that the photograph of a long white tubular crawl space came from the new Somerville Off-Leash Recreation Area located at Zero New Washington St. The park opened in November.
How did she know? As it happens, Kathy learned about the dog park just weeks after she had adopted Pumpkin, a terrier mix between one and two years old. Though Kathy lives in Ball Square, she and Pumpkin frequently drive to the park to play. “The minute I saw the picture I knew right where it was,” says Kathy.
Pumpkin’s favorite activity is simply running the length of the park, often chasing other dogs, usually with a ball or a toy of some type in her mouth.
Where will Kathy spend her $50 prize? Chances are, somewhere near her Ball Square home. “We love True Grounds (717 Broadway),” she says. “We’re coffee nuts and we love their sandwiches and pastries. We served their scones at a party and people just raved.” Also in the running: Tu Y Yo (858 Broadway) and Pescatore (158 Boston Ave).

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