Composting – Apple Cores? Coffee Grounds? We want that!

by Jason Rabin

Composting is something anyone can do to green a home or a business. In canvassing Somerville for green exemplars, Scout uncovered a few compost-specific stories.

Take, for example, Cecily Harwitt, 22, of Union Square, a Community Org-anizer for a division of the Somerville Community Corporation (337 Somerville Ave).
Though not herself a green activist, she was thrilled to learn about SoilCycle, a program run through Groundwork Somerville (240 Elm St) employing local high schoolers to pick up and drop off compost bins for Somerville residents. For only $5/month, Harwitt was proud to take one into her home, worms and all.

SoilCycle currently only has the capacity to serve 20 clients at a time (there is a long waiting list). But for $40, Somerville residents can buy their own composting bins from the city for use in their home gardens. Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz is working on a proposal to support free composting citywide. Bins would be made available at the Department of Public Works and at Somerville farmers markets.

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