Yikes! Spin Bikes!


The Training Room cycling studio

After twelve personal training sessions with Jason at The Training Room (691A Somerville Ave), I’m beginning to get the “bug”. I no longer dread each set of exercises he doles out; I actually look forward to our sessions. Jason is very knowledgeable, always patient and mindful of the rehabilitation of my hip. I feel myself getting stronger which has motivated me to look for more physical challenges.


Here’s the deal: the very mention of the words “spin class” has, for a long time, sent me into recoiling, sweaty fits. I mean, I’ve heard the comments of the ultra-fit (which I certainly am not): “Man! That spin class kicked my ass!” None for me, thanks. Never… until now. The Training Room recently added a 30-minute class, Express Cycling. Perfect! It’s intense, but doable for a newbie. The resistance and speed is in the control of each individual rider. No one else can even tell what resistance level I’m using. So, I can go as hard as I can go and so can “Garth Goodbody” next to me. I’ve done three so far, made it through all and plan to go again tonight at 6 p.m.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Training Room, it’s an independently-owned fitness facility with no membership fee. Personal training and awesome classes are offered and you only pay for what you use. Express Cycling is just $6. It’s new, so you’re pretty sure to get a seat if you just drop in. Or you can log onto thetrainingroomboston.com, create an account for yourself, check out the class schedule under “reservations” and reserve your spot online in advance.

See you there!

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